Ottilie’s award winning costumes and wearable art deliver a beautiful, often humorous and analytical treatment to clothing and theatrical artifacts. For example, an ordinary baseball glove is decked out with lace, ribbons and frills. Crowns and headdresses are made for imaginary kings and queens. Royal gowns and cloaks are de-mystified and then re-mystified.


“Recipients of the four jury awards include: Ottilie Mason, an actor/artist who constructed a crown from old keys, bent spoons and the like.”
“…a sizzling show of wearable art..”
“Unique and ornate costumes by Ottilie Mason.”

-  David Livingstone, Globe & Mail

“…apparel by local style setters. Jury prizes have been awarded to Ottilie Mason’s witty crown and baseball glove.”

– Deirdre Hanna, Now Magazine

“..positively baroque head gear.”

“..performance artist Ottilie Mason…hats made from every conceivable material, including glass, wood, metal, ceramics and even food.”

-Deirdre Hanna, Now Magazine